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Activity Time Guide



1 hour party =

1-2 activities for 15 guests

3-4 activities for 10 guests

1.5 hour party =

1-2 activities for 20 guests

3-4 activities for 15 guests

2 hour party =

1-2 activities for 25 guests

3-4 activities for 20 guests


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Choose your Activities!


Face Painting

Our skilled face painters will help your guests’ imaginations soar with their wide variety of beautiful designs!

Balloon Twisting

Perfect for all ages, balloon twisting gives your guests a chance to take a piece of the party’s magic home with them!



Our magic shows are highly interactive, allowing your guests to find the magic within to help your entertainer achieve breathtaking tricks!


Most commonly character-specific, the stories told by our entertainers emphasize important morals and life lessons for the children.  Our entertainers are great at keeping the stories fun and encouraging audience participation.



Sing-alongs are particularly great for younger children (ages 6 and under).  The classic children’s songs (Hokey Pokey, If You’re Happy and You Know It, etc.) encourage movement and dance, and are familiar to children of all ages.  Character-specific songs (for movie characters such as the Princesses) can be added in upon request.


Glitter Tattoos

These incredible tattoos are made completely of glitter, applied with safe medical adhesive.  Glitter tattoos are waterproof, making them perfect for pool parties, and they can last up to two weeks.  They’re also quicker to apply than face paint, making them a good choice for larger parties.


Princess/Diva Makeovers

For a little girl, there is no more glamorous way to celebrate a special occasion than getting a Princess or Pop Diva makeover!  Our sparkly, kid-safe makeup will make your guests feel like the beautiful ladies they are!


Our engaging games are great for all ages!  We often incorporate music, dancing, and magic into the games, and they can be adjusted to suit your time needs.


Hula Dancing

Perfect for Luau-themed parties, our Hula Dancer
character will teach your guests routine that’s fun and accessible to children AND adults.  The lesson lasts 5-10 minutes and is followed by a performance of the dance for parents and other guests.


If dressing up sparks your child’s imagination, this is the perfect activity for your party!  Your guests will get to wear their costumes, provided by the entertainer, for the duration of the party.  Girls’ AND boys’ costumes are available, accommodating 15-20 guests.

Tea Party

Perfect for Princess or Alice in Wonderland parties, a tea party is a wonderful way to make your child’s day magical.  Your entertainer will provide cups and a tea pot, letting you decide what “tea” and snacks to serve your guests.  Tea party etiquette and traditions will be emphasized, while highlighting the birthday girl or boy’s special birthday wishes!


Especially good for very young or shy children, bubbles offer a hands-on opportunity for your guests to access their imagination.  The seemingly magical qualities of bubbles, along with the large assortment of bubble wands—provided by your entertainer—will make for a fabulous time to be had by all!  Recommended for outdoors.





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